Gordon Lightfoot, the beloved Canadian singer-songwriter, died on May 1 at age 84. At Royal Albert Hall is out July 14 via Linus Entertainment. The label calls it his final album. 

It features Rick Haynes on bass, Barry Keane on drums, Mike Heffernan on keys, and Carter Lancaster on guitar. It features many of his most beloved songs, including “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald,” “If You Could Read My Mind,” “Early Morning Rain,” and more. Find the tracklist below.

At Royal Albert Hall:

01 The Watchman’s Gone
02 Sea of Tranquility
03 Now and Then
04 All the Lovely Ladies
05 Drifters
06 A Painter Passing Through
07 Christian Island
08 Rainy Day People
09 Shadows
10 Beautiful
11 Carefree Highway
12 Did She Mention My Name
13 Ribbon of Darkness 
14 Sundown
15 Sweet Guinevere
16 The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
17 Never Too Close
18 Don Quixote
19 Minstrel of the Dawn
20 I’d Rather Press On
21 Let It Ride
22 If You Could Read My Mind
23 Restless
24 Baby Step Back
25 Early Morning Rain
26 Waiting For You 


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