It’s time to turn on your favorite Huey Lewis album and put on a poncho, because a new TV adaptation of American Psycho is “in development” at Lionsgate.

Lionsgate TV chairman Kevin Beggs confirmed the project in an interview with Deadline, coyly slipping in the news while discussing some of the studio’s other series.

“We’ve just wrapped up Dear White People which was a really good experience, Blindspotting is coming up, American Psycho is in development,” he told Deadline. “We’re always exploring what we can do in television with something like the Saw franchise, so that’s a conversation.”

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Beggs was careful to remain tight-lipped about the details of each show Lionsgate is working on, including American Psycho. That means there’s currently no information about who will be cast in the series, when it will debut, or how closely it will following the plot of Bret Easton Ellis’ original novel or the iconic film adaptation starring Christian Bale. Whatever the case, hopefully it will prove more memorable than its direct-to-video sequel.


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