Goodbye, Magellan. Forever in our hearts.
Goodbye, Magellan. Forever in our hearts.

We said goodbye to Magellan this afternoon and wished him every happiness as he crossed over the rainbow bridge.

This is not a post I ever wanted to write, and it’s definitely not the post I expected to write today or any time soon. Magellan was doing as well as he has been–wiggling and wanting to play yesterday–even until 3AM this morning, but at 7AM this morning, he wasn’t able to get up (we thought he was paralyzed). We took him to the emergency room, and an ultrasound made them suspect bleeding in the abdomen. A CT scan confirmed this, and he had several masses in his liver and spleen, which was diagnosed as likely metastatic cancer and not considered operable due to the amount and spread of the masses.

If you are unfamiliar with Magellan, he is a labrador that my husband and I (then boyfriend) added to our little family shortly after moving in together, and he was eight weeks old when we got him. Magellan just had his 13th birthday this past Christmas Eve, so he is just a year younger than the blog. Despite having a long list of diseases and problems, he was the most optimistic, happy-go-lucky dog that defied the odds and lived a longer-than-average lifespan for a lab. He is truly proof of how successful modern medicine can be!

We are so fortunate and thankful that we were able to say goodbye to him and be with him to the very end. He was alert and recognized as we told him what a good dog he was, and we swear, he still looked around the room for treats. We are devastated to lose our baby boy, and it’s hard to imagine daily life without him as my husband and I have mostly been at home throughout his entire life, so he was so deeply integrated into our lives.

Thank you for the endless love and source of optimism, Magellan. Mellan. Spaghetti. Sketti. Scoops. Scrupulous. Pasta. Detective Sniff. The pawprints you’ve left on our hearts will live on forever. May you rest easy now ❤


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