It’s that time of year when we start considering what the coming trends in fashion sunglasses might be. This is an annual exercise for those of us in this business, inasmuch as we have to do our best to anticipate what customers will want well in advance of each selling season. Get it right and we can provide just what our retailers need to keep their customers happy.

It is with that in mind that we offer our early predictions of this year’s fashion trends in sunglasses. We admit that we are not as confident as we have been in past years, due primarily to the ongoing coronavirus crisis and its impact on retail. The good news is that people will still need sunglasses in 2021.

Unconventional Cat Eyes

Cat eye sunglasses enjoyed an unexpected surge this past summer and fall. No one we keep track of has offered a reasonable explanation as to why. Nonetheless, social media was alive with images and rave reviews. We suspect the love will continue, but with an emphasis on unconventional tweaks.

For example, cat eyes got a nice update last year when some designers made them more angular. They narrowed the lenses at the top but gave them a more sweeping look along the bottom. The end result was an unconventional cat eye that still maintained the easily recognized look we are so accustomed to.

Bigger Rectangles

Consumers began experimenting with bigger rectangles last spring. Then coronavirus hit and retail sort of dried up. Where does that leave us? With an unsatisfied appetite. Some of those consumers whose plans to buy rectangular sunglasses were put on ice will be back in the spring. Moreover, it appears as though they will be opting for bigger frames and lenses.

Expect the oversized frames of late 2019 and early 2020 to be replaced by slightly bigger rectangles. These new frames will not be oversized, they will just be on the larger side of the rectangular style.

Retro Looks

The fallout from the coronavirus crisis is many people looking back on the nostalgia of the past. They find comfort in trying to emulate what their parents enjoyed in simpler days. In terms of designer sunglasses, this translates into a sudden desire for retro looks. Small circular frames are a good example. Cat eyes are as well, but we’ve already talked about them.

Circular frames reminiscent of something John Lennon might have worn could turn out to be extremely popular this summer. Classic aviators in the style of the original 30s and 40s Ray-Bans could be a big hit for 2021 as well. Younger people looking to dress in retro styles will want their sunglasses to match.

Bold Lens Colors

Frames featuring bold colors have been a big hit for the last two years. We think they might give way to more subtle frames housing lenses with bold colors. One example that comes to mind is an elegant silver metal frame with bright blue lenses. A basic black frame with bright yellow lenses can also work rather well.

People use color as a way to brighten up their images. And after a year like 2020, people really want to feel good about themselves and what they do. Color will be a big part of their 2021 fashions – even in designer sunglasses.

The coming year represents an awesome opportunity to grow your business. Despite what many consider a bad 2020, the new year offers you the chance to get back at it. As you do, keep an eye on the trends – they are your key to strong sales.

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