Through work and time spent scrolling on my phone, I spend a minimum of 10 hours looking at a screen each day. I recently started to notice that I was suffering from headaches at work, and by the end of the day, my eyes felt so dry and sore. Luckily, this past month I was asked to complete a blue light blocking glasses review to see if they work and how they could improve my headaches and eyestrain

I’ve always wanted to get my hands on a pair of these glasses and see if they can make a difference. So, being able to test out a pair for a month came at the perfect time. Although my experiment was to see how these glasses could improve my symptoms, I had to get a pair I loved and felt good in. I used SmartBuy Collection Ghin frames in black with zFORT® lenses. I loved the quirky oversized square frame and felt like they went with all my outfits.  

Can blue light glasses help with eye strain?

At first, I was a little sceptical when people talked about the ‘magic powers’ of these glasses. Within the first week, I didn’t feel a huge difference, but I figured maybe this was normal? Perhaps it will just take some time for my eyes to rest, resist and for the glasses to work. I started to feel a difference in my eyes as the weeks passed. I wasn’t rubbing them as much and could feel that they were less sore and dry at the end of the day. 

Can blue light glasses help with headaches?   

I think my error within the first week was that I was so focused on wearing them and thinking about if they were working or not. Once I got used to wearing glasses and stopped focusing on them, that’s when I felt the difference. My headaches throughout the month have definitely decreased. I admit I have been upping my water intake to help, but I feel like, without these glasses for headaches, I wouldn’t be feeling as clear-headed as I do now. 

Do blue light glasses help with sleep? 

This one was a little harder to judge. Have my nights gotten better in the past month from wearing glasses to help sleep? I would definitely say yes. I think there is a factor of reasons for this improvement, such as drinking more water, going to bed early and wearing blue light glasses. I’m sure that because I’m experiencing fewer headaches and eye strain, I’m falling asleep much quicker, thanks to not feeling discomfort throughout the day. 

My final verdict 

Has my blue light glasses review made me a die-hard fan of these glasses? Honestly, yes and I think I’ll ‘forget’ to give them back after my experiment. I can feel a big difference in the overall symptoms that I was suffering from before taking on this experiment. I recommend getting yourself a pair if you spend extensive time looking at a screen each day.

One good thing to remember is the colour of the lenses. Because I don’t have a prescription, my glasses were just plain blue light lenses. They have the faintest blue reflection to them when you hold them to light, but other than that, they look completely normal. If you have prescription lenses and add the blue light feature, they can have the slightest yellow tint. Both work just as well and won’t impact how effective they are. 

The best blue light glasses for eye strain, headaches and better sleep

My favourite blue light glasses are a mix of style and practicality. The pair I wore were versatile enough to go with anything but stylish enough that they doubled as an accessory. Check out my two top choices below and see the benefits for yourself.

For an ultra-stylish pair for the office or school, the Arise Collective Coatesville Blue-Light Block are my favourite. These glasses don’t have to be boring, and these fun pattern frames are far from it. 

For a more classic look, these unisex SmartBuy Collection Harrell Blue-Light Block will work for everyone. The clean black frame is appropriate for any setting and will leave you looking smart while protecting your eyes. 

If you feel ready to take the next step to protect your eyes, make sure you shop blue light glasses from SmartBuyGlasses and see the difference for yourself!


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