Sunglasses with clear lenses were among the hottest summer fashion trends about five years ago. While the trend has faded, clear lens sunglasses are still in demand. Learning how to promote them could make the difference between letting your inventory languish and moving it out the door quickly.

At first glance, it would seem as though clear lens sunglasses have no real purpose. But they do. Traditional sunglasses with dark lenses are designed to do two things: block visible light and block UV rays. Bright light in the visible spectrum makes it difficult to see. It can cause eye fatigue and strain. But it is the UV rays that cause so much concern.

That’s how you promote clear lens sunglasses. You focus on UV protection. There are plenty of buyers interested in blocking UV rays whether visible light bothers their eyes or not.

Clear Lens Sunglasses on Cloudy Days

Experts have been telling us for more than a decade that we should still wear sunglasses on cloudy days. It is all about the UV rays. Light in the ultraviolet spectrum is not obscured by clouds. So even on overcast days, UV rays are still doing their thing. But what if a customer doesn’t want to wear sunglasses with dark lenses on a cloudy day? Clear lens sunglasses are the obvious solution.

Promote clear lens sunglasses as an alternative when the sun isn’t shining brightly enough to be bothersome. Explain how they are still beneficial on rainy days. A good pair of clear lens sunglasses takes the place of darker lens products when your customers do not need that extra protection against visible light.

Great for Reading

Another promotional avenue is to discuss clear lens sunglasses in terms of reading. A customer is at the beach, enjoying the water and a good book. However, reading can be challenging if that customer’s sunglasses are too dark. Clear lens sunglasses are the solution. Your customer still gets UV protection without compromising on the ability to read.

Speaking of reading, sunglasses with dark lenses can make seeing your cell phone screen nearly impossible. Polarization can help, but you may have to rotate your cell phone if the direction of the polarization doesn’t match your phone’s screen. Clear lens sunglasses remove that barrier. Your customers’ cell phone screens are as easy to read as they would be with no glasses at all.

It is All About UV Protection

In a nutshell, clear lens sunglasses are all about UV protection. We sell a variety of clear lens models at wholesale prices. We also have models for both men and women. As always, pay attention to UV protection when you purchase. A pair rated at UV400 blocks all the light in the ultraviolet spectrum. They are the best bet for maximum eye protection.

When you promote these products, be sure to talk extensively about UV ratings. Explain that UV300 rated glasses do not offer as much protection as UV400. You might even take the time to explain the difference between visible light and light in the ultraviolet spectrum. In whatever way you go about it, make the point that clear lens sunglasses with the proper UV rating offer just as much UV protection as a pair of sunglasses with dark lenses.

Olympic Eyewear is your source for wholesale fashion sunglasses at discounted prices. Whether you are looking for the latest wayfarers or aviators, wraparound sunglasses for athletes, or even clear lens sunglasses for people who still want UV protection on cloudy days, we have what you need. Feel free to shop our complete inventory while you are here on our site.

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