Pictures are an integral part of ecommerce. Good luck selling any sunglasses without them. If you have spent any time browsing our website, you’ve probably noticed we have tons of pictures. Perhaps you have even noticed that the pictures we use, and how we use them, are pretty consistent across our entire site. This is on purpose. So here’s a question for you: how are you using pictures to sell more sunglasses?

Human beings are highly visual creatures. So much so that science estimates the human brain can process visual information – which is to say pictures and graphics – up to 60,000 times faster than text. We see something and, in the blink of an eye, our brain has analyzed and made a decision about it.

This tells us something particularly important about pictures and ecommerce. Whether you are selling designer wayfarers for men, white cat-eyes for women, or something entirely different, how you utilize pictures will have a direct impact on your sales. There is no getting around it.

1. Use Lifestyle Pictures

You come to Olympic Eyewear looking for cheap sunglasses in bulk. When you land on our site, one of the first things you see at the top of the homepage is a collection of pictures to help you begin your shopping journey. But they are not product pictures per se. They are lifestyle pictures.

You are selling more than just designer sunglasses at affordable prices. You are selling your customers a lifestyle. Be sure to use at least a few lifestyle pictures on your homepage. If your site utilizes categories for men, women, etc., a lifestyle picture at the top of each category page can help as well.

2. White Backgrounds

Moving on to your actual product pages, it is a good idea to use white backgrounds for all your pictures. A white background accentuates the product and prevents color clashes should you decide to upload those pictures to other platforms, like Amazon.

While you’re at it, learn how to add shading to your pictures using whatever photo editing software you utilize. Shading adds some depth, which is necessary when you are using white backgrounds.

3. Multiple Pictures and Angles

This next tip may or may not be applicable depending on how many products you sell. If you have the server space and bandwidth, consider uploading multiple pictures that offer lots of angles of each product. The more views you give your customers, the more opportunity they will have to appreciate what they see. If multiple pictures for each product are not doable for you, make sure the one picture you do use shows the product clearly and from the most favorable angle.

4. Optimize Each Picture

Don’t forget to optimize your pictures for SEO. For starters, utilize a descriptive file name that says something about the product in question. Include the required meta information that Google and other search engines use to understand the picture. You should be able to embed the information into your picture files using your photo editing software.

Finally, use JPEG format and compress your pictures so that they are no more than 2MB in size. Compressing and limiting file size will guarantee that your pictures do not slow down the speed at which your site loads.

We rely heavily on pictures to sell discount bulk sunglasses. As such, we put a lot of time and effort into making sure our pictures are up to the task. You should too. The pictures on your ecommerce site are your most powerful selling tool. They aren’t just something you throw up there for artistic effect.

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