Every change in the astrological seasons brings a corresponding change in fashion trends. Fall 2021 is no exception. As we welcome in autumn’s cooler temperatures and unique colors, people will adjust their wardrobes accordingly. That includes their sunglasses. As an eyewear wholesaler, we want to help our retailers get ready.

We have scoured our sources to see if there is any consensus about eyewear trends for fall 2021. Though there are some varying opinions, we did find one common theme: earth tone colors. They seem to be the one thing everyone is talking about. Fortunately for you, our inventory of wholesale sunglasses for men, women, and children offers plenty of opportunities for earth tones.

Look for Earthy Colors

Earth tone colors are so designated because they reflect colors naturally found in the soil. Therefore, various shades of brown and gray are perfect for autumn sunglasses. However, the fashion industry has expanded the definition of earth tones over the years. We now include oranges, reds, and other autumn shades in the earth tone category.

In terms of frames, you can never go wrong with different shades of brown. Tortoiseshell frames are doable if they lean toward more toward brown than green. Gray and soft yellow should also do well this fall. Stay away from orange and red frames – they tend to be more associated with summer beach activity.

In terms of styles, our research seems to suggest that elongated rectangles are going to do well this fall. We are not talking oversized frames here, just frames with more length than height. We are pretty confident that cat eyes and slim lines will do fairly well, too.

Colored Lenses

Earth tone trends look like they will carry through to lens colors as well. Again, stay away from anything bright and bold. Instead, focus on amber and darker shades of yellow, red, and orange. The darker the better. Blues and greens are not a good choice for fall. Keep them in the back pocket until next spring, which is when they are more likely to sell.

Wood Frames

Wood frames have really taken off in the last couple of years. For some people, wood is the perfect alternative to standard plastic or metal frames. A well-designed wood frame is classy, reserved, and even a bit rugged. From a marketing standpoint, fall is the perfect season for introducing customers to this particular material.

The great thing about wood frames is that they are already earthy. Your choice of lens colors doesn’t matter as much. People who buy wood frames do so for the frames themselves, not the lenses. However, you still can’t go wrong buying wholesale sunglasses that combine wood frames with earth tone lenses.

Light Colors for Skiers

As you gear up for fall marketing, do not forget the skiers, who have different needs entirely. For starters, skiers often prefer lighter colored frames in bright colors. The brighter the color, the easier it is to see your sunglasses after you drop them in the snow. Stock a selection of bright greens, oranges, yellows, and blues for your skiing audience.

In terms of lenses, skiers absolutely want polarized. A good pair of polarized sunglasses can mean the difference between getting down the mountain safely and wiping out before reaching the bottom. Which would you prefer?

As always, keep a good selection of the tried-and-true favorites on hand. That means plain black wayfarers, aviators with metal frames, and wraparound models for both athletes and seniors. Have a little something for everyone and you will find that this fall could be your most profitable ever.

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