For any fans of Luci, her latest release is one you’ve anticipated for quite some time. Out now, bittersweet is Luci’s debut album, a tale of love, loss, introspection, growth, and unbridled creativity.

The producer turned artist formerly known as Lucii the Alien has come quite far from her roots as a bass music producer, complete with name change and a stylistic shift that signifies a willingness to embrace the challenge of expanding her skillset and repertoire. Containing elements of the explosive, electronic style that saw her performing in front of massive festival crowds across the country, bittersweet is also a formal debut of sorts for Luci’s vocal and songwriting prowess. An indication of the artist she’s working so hard to become.

While bittersweet is a significant step into the pop genre for Luci, fans who love her edm tracks will keenly recognize the electronic influences throughout the full-length offering, indicating her ability to take what she loves about both genres and combine them into a style that is unequivocally her own. In addition to her electrifying DJ sets, Luci has expressed plans to incorporate live elements into her tour and festival performances, on top of live vocals that fans have come to expect.

In a quote provided to us, Luci shared her thoughts on bittersweet below:

“This album is the first time I have really written about my personal life experiences in my music. Every single song is in reference to a situation I went through personally. I named it bittersweet because that’s what relationships really are in your 20s. You fall in love, lose people you love, people you love get hurt and you’re probably going to make 27392926 mistakes.

It’s all lessons in the end and these are all my personal experiences with that.”

Check it out below:

‘LISTEN: Luci Displays Growth and Versatility in Debut Album “bittersweet”

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