Dive headfirst into the electro revival as itsCHRISJOHNSON draws inspiration from the iconic electro sounds of the early 2010s in his latest single, “Get Close,” out now via Social Sound Club.

“Get Close” is a testament to Johnson’s ability to navigate and reinvent musical landscapes. The track not only pays homage to the past but propels the listener into an uncharted future, where each beat is a step into unexplored sonic territories.

“‘Get Close’ was in many ways an experiment,” said Johnson. “I made the beginning, but wasn’t sure where I wanted to go with the drop. It was festival season at the time; and I was listening to a lot of throwback sets from the early 2010’s. I’ve always loved the electro sound of that era, and wanted to put my own spin on it.”

Reflecting on the year gone by, 2023 was undeniably a breakthrough for itsCHRISJOHNSON. With music echoing in 143 countries, Johnson’s global appeal became crystal clear. The spotlight shone brightly on his single “Sweet Lies,” making its debut on Sirius XM’s BPM and drawing attention from industry heavyweights. The success of this track paved the way for a digital presence that extended beyond conventional boundaries.

Listen to “Get Close” below on Spotify.

‘LISTEN: itsCHRISJOHNSON Drops House-Infused “Get Close”

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