Photo Credit: Biata Shem Tov

‘Medieval House’ producer Burko releases the first track ever with his own vocals, “Here Before” — the second single on his Infrared EP due later this spring.

It’s exceedingly rare for producers in the house and techno sphere to have breathtaking vocals, yet Burko is able to debut his singing capabilities with a stinging falsetto that brings an additional melodic element to the track.

On “Here Before,” Burko shares on Instagram: “When I first started producing music a couple years ago, I never thought I’d ever sing on any of my songs. I never thought of myself as a singer (and I still don’t). Nevertheless, my new track out today, “Here Before,” is the first time I’ve ever sang on a song, and serves as the second track on my upcoming ‘Infrared’ EP.”

Keep an eye out, as Burko continues his meteoric rise in the house and techno scene!

‘LISTEN: Burko Reveals His Vocals on “Here Before”

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