One of the many things I love about Mexico is how easy it is to visit and stay for extended periods of time, especially if you’re an online worker. The digital nomad visa in Mexico is surprisingly simple to acquire, and the length of visiting time on offer is generous.

During my travels, I lived in Mexico for approximately five months with no issues whatsoever. It’s a great place to base yourself as a digital nomad or expat, and this article will help explain the basic ins and outs of the digital nomad visa for Mexico.

Note: this article is for information purposes only. Always contact professionals, such as an immigration lawyer or tax accountant for the current requirements regarding your personal tax situation, and the current digital nomad residency situation in Mexico.

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Why Choose Mexico?

Mexican flag against blue skies and sun rays shining through

Mexico is a go-to destination for digital nomads – and for good reason. With its gorgeous beaches, lively cities, and warm climate, it really offers the perfect blend of relaxation and inspiration. Not to mention, the cost of living is relatively low, which means you can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle on most budgets.

Of course, internet connectivity is crucial for digital nomads. Thankfully, Mexico boasts a rapidly improving infrastructure with reliable and fast WiFi available in most urban and popular tourist areas. This makes it super easy to work from a beachfront cafe or a trendy coworking space.

My favorite thing about Mexico, however, is the culture. The country has a rich history, delicious cuisine, and super-friendly locals, which makes it incredibly appealing for digital nomads. There’s always a new dish to try, a historic site to explore, or a beach to discover.

Who Can Apply for the Mexico Digital Nomad Visa?

USA passport tucked into backpack

If you’re thinking about getting a Mexico digital nomad visa, (technically called a temporary residence visa), you’ll be pleased to know that it’s open to everyone, and there are no banned countries. Essentially, if you can show you’re making decent money (for example, having a bank balance of around $43k or a monthly income of around $2,595), you’re good to go.

Regarding age – there isn’t really a strict limit, but you should be of legal working age, typically 18 or older. This visa is meant for working professionals who can prove a steady remote income.

If you’re wondering whether your family can join you, you’re in luck here too. Dependents, like your spouse or kids, can usually tag along under your visa. However, remember that each case can be different, and you might need to prove you make more money than mentioned above. It’s important to always check the current guidelines before applying.

Benefits of the Digital Nomad Visa in Mexico

An Aerial Shot of the Guanajuato City in Mexico

Applying for a digital nomad visa in Mexico comes with plenty of incredible perks. From being able to stay long-term and enjoying the cost of living, having access to healthcare, and experiencing the culture – the perks are unbeatable.

Long-Term Stay

Unlike a tourist visa which caps your stay at 180 days (which is still pretty great!), the Mexico digital nomad visa lets you remain in the country for one year, and up to four years with renewal. It gives you a chance to establish yourself, immerse yourself in the culture, and even learn the language.

Plus, with the option to renew and potentially upgrade to permanent residency, it’s perfect for digital nomads looking to put down some roots without having to fully commit upfront.

Get to Know the Culture

Mexican Musician Wearing Traditional Mariachi and Sombrero playing guitar outdoors

As I mentioned above, with the privilege of being able to stay long-term, you can truly get to know Mexico. You’re not just here for a vacation – you’re here to work and to live.

When you have the opportunity to stay for months and even years at a time, you can experience local festivals, taste all the street food, and discover the core of Mexico and its people. It’s truly a priceless benefit.

Access to Healthcare

Once you have your digital nomad visa, you can join Mexico’s Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS) for low-cost medical care. This is huge because not only are you living in Mexico, but the country takes care of you as its own. From emergency services to prescriptions and regular check-ups – you’re covered. That’s pretty incredible.

Affordable Cost of Living

Person Eating Mexican Food, side dish of salsa and cheese dipping sauce in centre of dish served with meat

Mexico is known for its low cost of living, particularly when compared to the U.S. or Europe. Rent, food, transportation, and entertainment—all at a fraction of what you’d pay back home. Since your dollar stretches further, you can enjoy a higher standard of living or build up your savings account.

Culture and Nature Everywhere

When you’re all done with work for the day, Mexico is an absolute wonderland for exploration and fun. Head to the beaches of the Mayan Riviera or wander around the historical streets of Oaxaca. You’ll seriously never be bored. And the best part? With your digital nomad visa in Mexico, you won’t feel the need to rush. You’ve got all the time in the world to see it all – the pace of life here is something I love.

Thriving Digital Nomad Community

group of friends socialising over coffee in a cafe environment

Mexico is no stranger to the digital nomad scene. Cities like Mexico City, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum are hubs with coworking spaces, coffee shops, and tons of expats and nomads. It’s the perfect environment for networking, collaborating, or just meeting new friends.

Cost of the Mexico Digital Nomad Visa

Thankfully, there’s a clear structure to navigate when it comes to initially applying for the Mexico digital nomad visa. All you’ll need to do is pay a $53 application fee at the Mexican Consulate during your visa interview. It’s very straightforward – this essentially gets you into Mexico​.

Once you land in Mexico, you’ll need to get your temporary residency card which can cost around $317. After that, you have the option to renew your visa up to three times (totaling 4 years), costing another $317 the first year, $476 the second year, and $603 the third year.

Requirements for the Digital Nomad Visa in Mexico

Man in airport waiting for boarding on plane, aeroplane taking off in background

The requirements for obtaining your digital nomad visa in Mexico are pretty simple. Once you have the below necessities organized and ready to go, the application should be a breeze.

  • Valid Passport: Make sure your passport is up-to-date and valid for at least the next six months. This rule is fairly standard for all international travel.
  • Minimum Monthly Income: The country wants to make sure you can pay for yourself while living there. So, they generally look for proof of around $4,350 monthly, which is usually verified through bank statements or pay stubs.
  • Criminal Background Check: Understandably, they want to make sure they aren’t harboring any criminals. So, an official criminal background check needs to be presented.
  • Proof of Remote Income: In addition to showing your income on your bank statements, you’ll also need to prove you’re actually working online. This can be through a contract or even a letter from your employer.
  • Completed Visa Application: An application can be obtained through the Embassy and needs to be filled out in full.
  • Passport-Size Photo: You’ll need to submit a recent 3.9cm x 3.1cm photo.
  • Payment of Fees: Show receipt of your fees.
  • Proof of Medical Insurance: You’ll need to show that you’re currently covered with your own health insurance.

How to Apply for the Mexico Digital Nomad Visa

woman typing on laptop, sitting on sofa, colorful rug beneath feet

To begin your application process for the Mexico digital nomad visa, you’ll need to schedule an appointment at the Embassy and organize your documents. First up, get an application form from the Consulate or Embassy’s website. Then, make sure your passport has enough time left before expiring (at least six months), and start pulling together proof of your remote work and income.

Once you’ve completed your interview and submitted all of the documents listed above under “requirements,” all you have to do is wait. Processing times can vary from a couple of weeks to a few months, so you might need a little patience before packing your bags.

You’ll be notified by either email or a phone call if and when your visa is approved!

Is the Visa Renewable?

Deadline Concept with Red Mark on Calendar Date 30th

It’s easy to fall in love with living in Mexico. Luckily, the digital nomad visa is renewable for up to four years annually. Once your visa comes close to expiring, you’ll simply need to visit the immigration office to prove you’re still meeting all of their requirements. After the fourth year, you’ll either need to apply for permanent residency or move on to your next adventure!

Pros and Cons of Living in Mexico

Mexican beach, incredibly blue, turquoise water, rock formation creating an arc, blue, cloudless sky

As with anywhere in the world, there are both pros and cons of living in Mexico. After spending five months living in this beautiful country, I found these to be the most common perks and downfalls:

Pros of Living in Mexico

  • Cost of Living: Living in Mexico is much more affordable compared to the United States, Europe, and other developed countries. You can enjoy a comfortable quality of life without spending a fortune.
  • Incredible Culture: Mexico has a rich history and a fascinating culture. You can explore ruins and attend vibrant festivals – there’s always something to do.
  • Delicious Cuisine: I don’t know about you, but I travel for food, and Mexico has some of the best. Each region offers something fresh, unique, and absolutely mouthwatering.
  • Gorgeous Landscape: Beaches, jungles, mountains, you name it – Mexico has it. No matter what you’re preferences, you’ll find it in this amazing country.

Cons of Living in Mexico

Close Up Photo of Coconut Tree during tropical weather conditions
  • Language Barrier: In many of the major cities and touristy areas, the locals speak basic English; however, don’t expect that to be the norm. But you’ll have time to learn Spanish on your visa!
  • Seasonal Weather Extremes: The weather in Mexico is generally mild and pleasant, no matter where you are, but there can definitely be extremes. From intense sweltering heat to crazy rainy seasons, it can be difficult to deal with.
  • Infrastructure Issues: Outside of the major cities and popular areas, infrastructure can be sketchy. Less-than-ideal roads, frustrating public transportation, and internet outages are common outside of those places.
  • Bureaucracy: Dealing with the processes of paperwork can be time-consuming and frustrating in Mexico. When renewing your visa, be sure to get a head start, or you could find yourself having to pack your bags.

Mexico Digital Nomad Visa: FAQ’s

Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions on Mexico’s digital nomad visa.

Does Mexico offer a digital nomad visa?

Yes, Mexico offers a digital nomad visa, formally known as the temporary residency visa.

Do digital nomads pay tax in Mexico?

No, digital nomads do not need to pay taxes in Mexico. However, the exception would be if you made 50% or more of your income from a Mexican company. That tax can range from 0-30%.

Is it easy to get a digital nomad visa for Mexico?

Overall, the application process for obtaining a digital nomad visa for Mexico is simple and easy.

Can I apply for the Mexico digital nomad visa online?

No. You can download the application online; however, you’ll need to schedule an in-person visa interview.

What are the income requirements for the digital nomad visa in Mexico?

You’ll need to show proof of $4,350 monthly income, as well as proof of employment or contract.

When did Mexico launch its digital nomad visa?

Mexico has not launched a specific “digital nomad visa,” as it’s been part of the Temporary Resident Visa program since its inception (launch date N/A).

What is the average living cost of a digital nomad in Mexico?

A single person can expect to pay around $700/month for all costs except rent. Rent prices can range from $465 to $1300 per month depending on location and number of bedrooms.

Where is the safest place for digital nomads in Mexico?

According to World Population Review, the safest cities in Mexico are Tulum, Mexico City, Cancun, Sayulita, San Miguel de Allende, and Huatulco.

How long can you stay in Mexico as a digital nomad?

With a digital nomad visa in Mexico, you can stay from one to four years with renewal.

In Conclusion

Applying for a visa in a new country can feel overwhelming, daunting, and confusing. Thankfully, the process for the digital nomad visa in Mexico is easy to navigate as long as you have your checklist of requirements.

I will say that this particular visa is one of the best visas for digital nomads. It really lets you settle in and make somewhere feel like “home.”


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