The must-reads

I’ve combed the internet to find you today’s most fun/important/scary/fascinating stories about technology.

1 The Supreme Court is reportedly planning to overturn Roe v Wade
An actual decision won’t arrive for a couple of months, but it could be earth-shattering if the law that protects abortion rights gets repealed. (Politico)
+ Here’s what would happen if Roe v Wade was overturned. (WP $)
+ The decision is most likely to affect young women who are already mothers. (NYT $)
+ Restricting access to abortions tends to go hand in hand with declines in democracy. (NYT $)
+ Activists stepped in to help Texans access abortion pills last year. (TR)

2 A new disinformation advisory board is already being targeted with disinformation 
Republicans are unhappy, claiming its creation is a threat to free speech. (NYT $)
+ Ironically, the board could end up debunking untruths about itself. (Protocol)

3 Facebook is pulling out of podcasting
Just a year after announcing its grand audio ambitions. (Bloomberg $)
+ It’s planning on releasing four virtual headsets by 2024. (The Information $)

4 Open-source researchers are sharing gory images from the war in Ukraine
But there’s a limit to how helpful it is to disseminate such graphic pictures. (Rest of World)
+ Homesick Ukrainians are heading home to Kyiv. (FT $)
+ Ukraine has been braced for cyberwarfare since Russia first invaded in 2014. (Wired $)

5 Maybe Twitter’s not a town square after all 
But a hellish, elite-driven hierarchy. (New Yorker $)
+ Elon Musk doesn’t have a business plan, and is driven by pure self-belief. (NYT $)
+ Here’s why that makes him such a divisive figure. (WP $)

6 How Apple’s anti-tracking feature shook the mobile ad industry
But we’re still being tracked—just in slightly different ways. (Vox)
+ How Jony Ive’s departure from Apple signaled the end of its product golden age. (NYT $)

7 Crypto trading is a dangerous game for addicts
Its highly volatile nature goes hand in hand with addictive behavior, therapists say. (WP $)
+ Argentina’s crypto frenzy is crippling one of its energy grids. (Bloomberg $)

8 Grindr users’ location data was on sale for at least three years
The information could be used to infer romantic encounters between users. (WSJ $)

9 How Amiga computers birthed modern dance music
They removed the need for a studio. (The Guardian)

10 There is life after quitting social media
Just don’t expect anyone to remember your birthday. (WSJ $)
+ Here’s why you can’t stop adding lol to your messages. (The Atlantic $)


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