From October through June, Utah star Donovan Mitchell spends the majority of his time on the basketball court. If he’s not knocking down deep three-pointers or throwing down vicious dunks against the Houston Rockets, he spends his time perfecting his craft in practice gyms.

But whether it’s Vivint Arena, Madison Square Garden or the Staples Center, Mitchell has proven himself as one of the stars of the NBA the past two seasons, culminating in back-to-back all-star appearances.

Since so much of his life revolves around being on the court, how does Mitchell spend his offseason getting away from the game for a little bit?

On this episode of Roundball Roundup, Mitchell talked with JP Chunga regarding numerous topics — particularly how much better his golf game has gotten this summer, who is the toughest defender he faces in the league and most importantly, his charity work with Clorox to help teachers around the nation prepare for the upcoming school year.

Immaculate Golf Game

It’s well known in league circles that all-star point guard Mike Conley Jr. and owner Ryan Smith are in the upper echelon when it comes to playing golf. But ever the competitor, Mitchell took some time away from the court this offseason to get better on the course, a feat he says he’s now accomplished.

“My golf game is immaculate at this point. … There’s not many of us at the top of the golf game,” he said. “There’s a saying, and I’ve been saying it all summer, ‘it’s lonely at the top’. Hopefully Mike hears this too… and Ryan Smith. I’ve improved without a coach. … I take pride in that, that’s what makes me who I am on the golf course, exceptional.”

Who knows if there’s a potential golf challenge coming up — but for Mitchell’s sake, lets hope it’s not windy out.

Partnership with Clorox

It’s been no secret that teachers have faced numerous issues since last year and the COVID-19 pandemic, especially when it came to properly supplying their classrooms with the most basic of needs.

According to a study by Clorox, it was discovered that teachers were paying on average $500 of their own personal funds to stock their respective classrooms. 

Already armed with a special relationship to teachers, Mitchell elected to partner with Clorox and donate $1,000,000 to make sure that they no longer have to use their own funds to supply their classrooms. 

“With my mom being a teacher for 13 years while growing up, being able to work with a brand who’s giving $1 million DonorsChoose, which allows teachers to put their request in to have supplies, which covers books for students, disinfectant wipes, food for students and wifi,” Mitchell said.

In order to donate to DonorsChoose, click the link and follow the instructions listed.

To hear the full interview, listen to the podcast below — and make sure to stay tuned for more episodes of Roudball Roundup with JP Chunga.


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