Nine years after the original trilogy, Miguel has returned to his Art Dealer Chic series with the Vol. 4 EP. Stream the collection below via Apple Music and Spotify.

The R&B singer broke onto the scene with his hit “Adorn” from ADC Vol. 1 back in 2012. That same year he released two other entries in the series, all leading up this his debut full-length Kaleidoscope Dream.

In a press statement, Miguel intimated that releasing Art Dealer Chic Vol. 4 is akin to reactivating a moniker that gets to the core of his “truest self:”

“I’ve been doing a lot of work to consider and refine my beliefs in the last few years. Inevitably, this brought me back to Art Dealer Chic as ADC is more or less an moniker for active mindset curation; Choosing the thoughts, emotions, and actions that reflect my truest self instead of letting what I’ve experienced or what is expected of me dictate my choices. As a basic operating system this mentality has made a profound impact on my life and I want to continue to share how, through the music and the conversation around AD.” [sic]

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Ahead of ADCV4, Miguel made all three of the 2012 volumes available on streaming services for the first time since their initial release. Now, we get to hear what it’s like to step back into the ADC mindset by streaming Vol. 4 below.


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