Emerging twin duo RaeCola have been carving their path in the music industry since the pandemic with irresistible live streams and edgy mixing skills. Hailing from Chicago, the birthplace of House music, they thrive on paying homage to the core of the genre while showcasing their vision for the future. 

We have been DJing for 6 years now and are recent graduates of Icon Collective Music Production. After spending these years tailoring our sound to where it is now, we are ready to begin sharing our original music. This release embodies exactly what you can expect to find at our shows–elements of classic House and tech House with booty bouncing bass lines and highlights of ghetto House/Juke. We hope people feel defiant while listening to our music and inspired to push boundaries while following our journey.”

Specializing in producing self-renowned Ghetto Tech House, RaeCola come in heavy with an irresistible 2-Track BEZERK EP for their firey debut release. An addictive series of slapping basslines, crisp drumbeats, and enticing vocals, each track on the BEZERK EP acts as an intoxicating introduction to what RaeCola has planned.  

“We thought ‘Bezerk’ was the perfect album title to set the bar for where we see our journey going. Our project has flavors of our hometown Chicago combined with a West Coast feel. For the title track “Bezerk” we made wonky synths that add an experimental tone to our groovy track. Our second track “Juke That Zerk” has elements of ghetto house and juke featuring drums and vocal chops inspired by artists like DJ Rashad, DJ Deeon and DJ Slugo.” 

Catch RaeCola taking the house genre to new heights at Day Trip as well as the upcoming Dirtybird Campout Festival and stream their Bezerk EP below.

RaeCola – Bezerk EP | Stream


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‘LISTEN: RaeCola Drop Fiery Debut EP, Bezerk

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