Later this week, rising indie artist Anjimile will release the Reunion EP, featuring orchestral reimaginings of tracks from their debut album, Giver Taker. In addition to string arrangements from composer Daniel Hart, each new version includes additional vocals from a guest collaborator. After sharing the Jay Som-featuring “In Your Eyes (Reflection)” last month, Anjimile is teasing the EP one more time with “1978 (Reunion)” featuring Lomelda.

While the Giver Taker original makes use of melodically plucked guitar strings, Hart utilizes a pastoral sway of violins to dance around the harmonies from Lomelda and backing vocalist Justine Bowe (Photocomfort). The resulting movements turn the already touching lyrics about the lasting presence of Anjimile’s late grandmother into something fully reflective on the ethereal nature of generational loss.

Take a listen to “1978 (Reunion)” below.

Anjimile’s Reunion EP is due out May 7th via Father/Daughter. Alongside Jay Som, Lomelda, Hart, and Bowe, the former Artist of the Month welcomed SASMI to sing on “Maker (Refraction)”. You can pre-order the three-track effort via Bandcamp.

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