We’re going to do a series on games you can play in long distance relationships in coming weeks and months, and here’s the first installment for you… Never Have I Ever.

Never Have I Ever is classic game “get to know you” game, but it’s also a good game for learning more about someone you already know. And while Never Have I Ever is usually played as a drinking game at a party, it can be even better played long distance, without alcohol involved.

OK, OK, maybe I’m trying too hard here. I admit it just may be more fun in-person and with party drinks, but let’s work with what we’ve got right now. Given what we’ve got right now is a long distance situation, the good news is that you can still play this fun game and find out some really interesting (or embarrassing) things about someone you thought you knew well!

How to play

The first person to go says something they have never, ever, done before (preceded by the saying “Never Have I Ever…”). In the “drinking version” everyone else present who has done that thing has to drink (and often, tell their story).

But this game can easily be adapted for texting or talking when you’re in a long-distance relationship.

The texting version of “Never Have I Ever”

  1. Determine how many lives you both have. These can be represented by your fingers (10 lives).
  2. Text your partner something you have never done before by saying “never have I ever _____”.
  3. If your partner has done the thing that you’ve never done, they lose a life and have to ‘put down a finger’.
  4. Then your partner has to text a relevant story or photo back.
  5. The game ends when one of you has lost all of your lives. I’ll leave it up to you to decide if this means they’ve won or lost the game!

For example, player 1 says “never have I ever fired a gun”. If player 2 has fired a gun before, they lose a life (or a finger-in-play) and need to tell their story or send a relevant pic of them firing a gun.

The talking/Skype version of “Never Have I Ever”

When you’re talking, take it in turns to come up with a “never have I ever…” phrase, and see if your partner puts a finger down/loses a life. If they lose a life, they need to tell you their story.

You can make this as innocent or as naughty as you wish. However, remember that the point of this is to get to know your partner a little better and have some fun, so don’t make the statements too awkward or dark.

Stuck for ideas? Here are 30 to get you started.

30 “Never Have I Ever” Prompts

  1. Pleaded/flirted/cried my way out of a traffic violation
  2. Had a crush on a celebrity
  3. Walked for more than six hours
  4. Jumped off of something scary high
  5. Won a medal or trophy
  6. Obsessed over someone I met online
  7. Played hooky from work/school
  8. Ridden a horse/camel/elephant
  9. Hated a movie so much I walked out (or snuck into the movies without paying)
  10. Forgotten my lines during a play or speech
  11. Said “I love you” without feeling it
  12. Fired a gun
  13. Done something dangerous on a date
  14. Cheated on a test
  15. Had a surprise party thrown for me
  16. Kissed a virtual stranger
  17. Gotten stitches/broken a bone
  18. Fallen in love at first sight
  19. Sung karaoke/acted in a play/been in a talent show
  20. Been in a car accident
  21. Hitchhiked
  22. Done drugs
  23. Cried in public
  24. Been to a country in South America/Africa/Asia
  25. Stolen something
  26. Been arrested
  27. Thought I was going to drown
  28. Dressed as the opposite sex
  29. Broken up with/been dumped by someone via email or text
  30. Skinny-dipped/been skydiving

In summary:

  1. Each start with 10 fingers
  2. Take turns saying something you’ve never ever done
  3. Put a finger down if you’ve done that thing then tell your story or share a picture
  4. The game ends when all your fingers are down

Grab your partner and get asking! And if you want more games, check out 10 Saucy Long Distance Relationship Games next.

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