Let’s not sugar-coat it: long-distance relationships suck. Being away from your partner is hard, and can put a real strain on your relationship. It makes trust all the more important between you and your significant other (S.O). But there are some things to look out for and try to do to ensure that you can trust the person you’re in a long-distance relationship with.

1. They still make time for you

The number one rule in a long-distance relationship is to make time for each other. Having things that you do together, just the two of you aside from talking about your day is crucial so that you feel that you and your S.O have a relationship that resembles a regular relationship as closely as you can.

Trust is built when you feel comfortable, safe and loved. You both need to be committed to making your long-distance relationship work if you have any hope of surviving. So as long as you’re both on the same page, you can make time for each other in a way that works for you both.

A sign you can trust your S.O (significant other) is that you remain a part of their routine. A long-distance relationship doesn’t mean that you can’t still do things together, and spend quality time together. And you should both want that. If your S.O makes you a priority, makes the effort to keep you a part of their routine and tries to see you in person wherever possible, you can trust them.

2. You have a relationship with their friends and family

As with any relationship, feeling a part of your partner’s world is so important. You want them to be proud of you, and show you off to their friends, family, colleagues, everyone really. But more important than feeling shown off, it means that your partner sees your relationship as long-term. You mean enough to them that they want their loved ones to know and love you too. It’s this commitment that shows you that you can trust them, even from afar.

This can be controversial, as some are of the opinion that it’s best to keep friends and family out of your LDR, at least in the beginning. However, getting on with your partner’s loved ones also strengthens your bond and relationship, you can learn so much about your S.O from their loved ones.

3. Your connection remains the same

Maintaining a long-distance relationship is difficult, and you need a true, strong connection to make it. The bond you share with your partner will be one of the many things needed for a long-distance relationship to work. If they’re still the first person you want to speak to when you wake up and the last face you want to (virtually) see before you go to sleep, then your connection is still strong. If they are the person you want to share things with and take along on life’s adventures, and they feel the same, you can trust in the relationship.

Despite the distance, you guys still flirt with each other, find each other attractive and have fun together. If this sounds like you and your S.O, then you can trust in the relationship, no matter the distance. It’s important to remember too that things aren’t always that simple. Long-distance relationships can suffer a lot of strain with different time zones, routines, and of course, not being able to see your partner. So, your connection may be tested more often than you think. But through good times and bad, if your S.O is there for you and ready to support, guide and reassure you, that’s also proof that your connection is still strong.

4. They don’t get too jealous

Being away from your S.O can feel like you aren’t a part of their life, which can lead to feelings of insecurity and anxiety. While a little bit of jealousy is healthy and shows that your partner cares about you, anything that causes arguments or resentment in your relationship is a bad sign. It may mean that your S.O doesn’t trust you, and can even turn the relationship into a controlling, limiting one.

You know you can trust your partner when there’s a healthy, innocent amount of jealousy, but nothing that causes big issues in the relationship. Pay attention to it if your partner does seem a little jealous, because it may mean that they’re feeling a little neglected. Again, this is a sign that they care a lot about you and miss you, so are serious about you. If your S.O was completely fine and self-sufficient without you, that’s when you would worry that they’re not invested in the relationship.

5. They speak about the future

When we fall in love, we have a tendency to plan our wedding and kids’ names in the warm, fuzzy haze of the honeymoon stage. While this usually fades, as the relationship develops and grows long-term, thinking about the future is a logical next step. In a long-distance relationship, speaking about the future is one of the most obvious signs that you can trust the person you’re with.

Hopefully, the long-distance aspect of your relationship isn’t permanent, and one day you and your partner want to live close to, or with, each other. If your S.O speaks about this and puts the wheels in motion for it to happen, you know for sure that you can trust them. Their commitment to you and your relationship is clear if they want to make a huge move like that to be with you. That shows you that you are the person they want to be with, and if that’s not a sign you can trust them, we don’t know what is!

These are just a few indications that you can trust your long-distance relationship, however, each relationship is different. As long as you feel positive, safe and secure in the relationship, there aren’t specific signs or things that need to happen for you to trust in your relationship. And trust isn’t a thing, it’s a feeling, which comes in its many forms to us all.

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