We take immense pride in being able to offer men’s and women’s wholesale sunglasses at discounted prices. We think prices make a difference in our customer’s ability to make money at retail. That being said, MSN recently published a post talking about the world’s most expensive sunglasses. The post’s final paragraph discusses sunglasses as an investment.

Read the article and you will understand the impetus behind this last paragraph. The post talks about sunglasses ranging in price from a paltry $45,000 all the way up to an astounding $408,000. So when it talks about sunglasses as an investment, the perspective is 100% financial.

Here’s another take on the same question: sunglasses are an investment for the eyes. They may do nothing for the wallet directly, but if they save someone’s eyes from the damage associated with UV ray exposure, the reward will be far greater than any amount of money.

UV Rays Are the Big Danger

UV dangers are an angle every eyewear retailer should be utilizing. After all, is this not the reason you sell men’s and women’s designer sunglasses? It is the main reason we exist as a wholesale sunglasses distributor. Our products meet a well-documented need. That need is eye protection.

From a financial standpoint, it’s hard to believe that even a pair of sunglasses costing more than $400,000 would appreciate in value. Perhaps the only exception would be a pair that becomes a collector’s item because it was once owned by a famous celebrity. Otherwise, it is just another pair of sunglasses – albeit speckled with diamonds and plated in gold.

It’s not like designer sunglasses are on the same plane as real estate. Even the most robust pair is comparatively fragile. Sunglasses are easy to lose, their lenses are easily scratched, and you are only one wave away from dropping an expensive pair into the ocean while sailing on that yacht.

No, it’s all about UV rays and protecting the eyes against them. That is the number one focus. It always has been.

What Makes Sunglasses So Expensive

The previously mentioned article was followed by a series of FAQs, including one question about which brands are the most expensive. Let us play off that question with one of our own: what makes sunglasses so expensive?

The designer sunglasses mentioned in the MSN piece are so expensive because they aren’t your ordinary shades. Let’s take the most expensive pair discussed in the piece – Chopard de Rigo Vision.

These puppies are worth $408,000 because they include 60g of 24 karat gold and 51 River diamonds. The expense isn’t in the frames or lenses. It’s all tied up in gold and diamonds.

Sunglasses for Everyone Else

Chopard is obviously a brand for the wealthy. But what about everyone else? Your customers can pay a few hundred dollars for one of the designer brands owned by that big, Italian manufacturer. They can also buy less expensive sunglasses from you.

Here’s the thing: you know that the bulk sunglasses you purchase from us are of equal quality. Yet we sell at drastically discounted prices. Why? Because we believe consumers need choices. You give them that choice by buying your wholesale sunglasses from us.

Retail customers who want to pay more just for a name certainly have the right to do so. But there are plenty of consumers who would rather spend less on your products. Those are the ones to target.

As for sunglasses being an investment, they are only an investment in your eyes. Even the most expensive pair is likely to depreciate in value over time.

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