One of our blog posts from August 2021 discussed fall eyewear trends and their emphasis on earth tones. Whenever you are talking earth tones, you’re talking muted colors in the orange-red-brown spectrum. So while we still believe the information in that post constitutes sound advice for retailers, don’t let the desire to keep up with the latest trends stifle your creativity as a seller of sunglasses.

A certain segment of your customer base isn’t content with following the latest trends. These are customers who are constantly looking to do things differently. One way they can do so this fall is to add some flash to their fashion choices. You can help with a selection of wholesale designer sunglasses that turn this fall’s earth tones on their heads.

As we see it, there are two ways your customers can add some flash to fall. The first is with clear frames. The second is choosing a pair of wire-framed aviators with lenses in a stunningly bold color.

1. Rocking the Clear Frames

Clear frames are an interesting phenomenon in the wholesale sunglasses arena. They seem to come and go in terms of their market strength. Some seasons they are hot, other seasons you cannot pay people to take them off your hands. We suspect they are going to be big through fall and heading into the Christmas season.

If you head over to the ‘Hipster’ category underneath the ‘Trends’ link at the top of our home page, you’ll see a pair of classic mirrored unisex sunglasses with the model number WF01RV. This particular product is just one example of the sunglasses in our inventory offering clear frames.

The main appeal of clear frames is that they are perfect for showing off lenses. Clear frames blend into the wearer’s face more easily than other types of frames because you can see the color of the skin through them. What almost acts as a camouflage effect creates the perfect platform for showcasing bold, colorful lenses.

2. Colorful Aviator Shades

Speaking of bold, colorful lenses, turn your attention to classic aviators as well. As long as you are going with aviators in wire frames, do not focus all of your attention on earth tone lenses. The ambers and browns are fine; they will always have their fans. But this fall and winter, choose bold colors you would normally only sell in the heat of summer.

A bright yellow-green is ideal for customers who don’t like to feel they have been defeated by gray winter skies and a blanket of snow. Likewise, a deep blue lens offers just enough color to prevent boredom but not so much as to be seen from blocks away.

Whether you are looking to boost your inventory of wire framed aviators or just bring some clear frames into your store, the one thing both options have in common for fall and winter is bold color. This is the time of year when we start thinking about muted earth tones. But for a certain portion of your customer base, earth tones just won’t do. They want colors that look like anything but autumn.

As always, we strive to offer the largest selection of wholesale sunglasses on the market. Our designer sunglasses are intended to help you compete against higher-priced brands by giving your customers high-quality eyewear at a fraction of the cost.

As you plan your fall and winter inventory, remember to stay a month or two ahead of your customers. Give yourself enough lead time to ensure you have the right inventory at the right time.

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