If you have exhausted your time trying to find a rental in your perfect area try thinking outside the box. Zoopla said a travel time search, external can bring more properties into your orbit which you might not have considered.

Geographically, a home may look too far away but its travel time might be quicker than you thought. This can can open up your search to cheaper areas or slower rental markets.

Mr Bannister said rental searches on Rightmove had expanded since the pandemic with many approaching reaching 50 sq km (19.3 sq miles).

Victoria Tolmie-Loverseed helps students find accommodation with Unipol, a charity based in Bradford, Leeds and Nottingham.

A rising student population not matched by an increased supply of housing has resulted in a crisis for young people often living away from home for the first time.

“Be flexible about where you’re willing to live, cast your net wider into non-student areas and be willing to travel a little bit further,” Ms Tolmie-Loverseed said.

“Know your budget, have your deposit sorted, know who your guarantor will be,” she added.


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