Image caption The chancellor’s summer statement dominates the front pages, with many of them featuring a photo of Rishi Sunak serving meals in a restaurant. “Sunak serves up £30bn rescue”, says the Times, which reports the spending on coronavirus support now outstrips last year’s health budget.
Image caption “Come dine with me”, says the Daily Telegraph, highlighting the chancellor’s plan to pay half the cost of a meal out for everyone to support the hospitality industry. The paper’s analysis is that Mr Sunak “shows his backbone” with a bold statement.
Image caption Metro urges readers to “grab a £10 Rishi dishi”, referring to the cap on the half-price discount that the chancellor is offering. The paper quotes Mr Sunak saying: “This has never been tried in the UK before but we need to be creative.”
Image caption It’s all “chicken feed” to the Daily Mirror, however, which points out the discount only operates three days a week in August. The paper quotes unions saying the chancellor should have promised a pay rise for millions of key workers earning less than £10 an hour, rather than a “dining out discount for the well-off”.
Image caption For the i newspaper, Mr Sunak is the “half-price meal deal chancellor”. The paper says Tory backbenchers hailed his statement but are concerned about high spending.
Image caption Fears of mass unemployment persist following the statement, the Guardian says, with Mr Sunak being warned he will need to “act far more decisively”. The paper quotes the Unite union saying the refusal to extend the furlough scheme means a “tsunami” of job losses is looming.
Image caption The Financial Times says Mr Sunak “gambled on borrowing vast sums” to minimise the long-term economic damage. Jobs support, a VAT cut for the hospitality sector and help for the housing market will push the UK’s borrowing over £350bn this year, the paper says.
Image caption “Lunch is on Rishi!” exclaims the Daily Mail, before adding: “But we’ll ALL have to pick up the tab.” The paper calls the “massive cash injection” a “break with Tory orthodoxy”.
Image caption For the Daily Express, it is a “Budget of hope” and the chancellor “paved the way for Britain’s recovery”.
Image caption Meanwhile, the Daily Star focuses on the ongoing libel trial involving Hollywood star Johnny Depp, who is suing the Sun for calling him a “wife-beater”. The paper says the latest “Depp shocker” is a claim that he threatened to put a dog belonging to ex-wife Amber Heard in the microwave and “joked” he would burn Ms Heard’s corpse.

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