Rebecca gets all into character and everybody’s ready. And [Jacob’s] dad leans over to me and he’s like, ‘You have no idea what you’re in for.’ He was kind of smirking. And I was like, ‘Okay, like, we know this is going to be a disturbing scene. It’s gonna be fine, though.’ He’s just smirking. He knows what’s coming. We don’t know. And, the general idea was, stuff’s always worse in the movie than it is on the set. Like on set, the stuff tends to be fun and silly. And Jacob just lets loose. And it’s what you see in the movie. He’s just screaming and begging, and he’s ad-libbing, you know? He’s just throwing in, ‘Please.’ And Rebecca can’t get her lines out. He’s just screaming over, and he’s crying. And Rebecca comes in like, ‘Uh, yeah, this, this is, this is going to hurt, because fear purifies steam.’ And then she starts crying. And we’re in the van. At the time we had all the monitors in this ride, we’re all in there, just staring at it, horrified. We get through to the end of the take. I’m too shocked to call cut. He’s just dead. He died, and we’re all just staring at it. And I looked over to [producer] Trevor Macy and I was like, ‘What have we done?’


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