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Coleen Rooney’s lawyers say it’s “disappointing” that Rebekah Vardy’s started legal action against her.

Court records show that proceedings for defamation have been registered at the High Court in London.

The women had a very public falling-out last year over what was nicknamed the ‘Wagatha Christie’ affair.

Coleen Rooney claimed she’d discovered that stories leaked to a tabloid newspaper could only have been seen by Rebekah Vardy’s social media account.

A Wagatha refresher

It was the kind of story the internet thirsts for – one that seemed to jump straight out of a TV melodrama.

So much so that many online commentators seemed to forget that there were – and are – real people involved.

It also gave birth to one of the most famous ellipses (three dots, grammar fans) of modern times in Coleen’s affirmation that “it’s … Rebekah Vardy’s account.”

In a lengthy online post, she had claimed a number of stories about her had ended up in the papers and she took it upon herself to investigate.

“To try and prove this,” she wrote, “I came up with an idea. I blocked everyone from viewing my Instagram stories except one account…

“Now I know for certain which account/individual it’s come from. I have saved and screenshotted all the original stories which clearly show just one person has viewed them.” And she went on to accuse Rebekah Vardy in that now-infamous phrase.

Her detective work quickly earned the ‘Wagatha Christie’ tag online. (A wag – if you’re coming to this story completely cold – refers to the partner of a prominent footballer, from the initial letters of the phrase ‘wives and girlfriends.’)

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Image caption Jamie Vardy and Wayne Rooney is action for England against Scotland in 2016.

‘The offer to meet still stands’

Rebekah Vardy has always denied the claims – saying other people had access to her social media accounts.

She also told a TV programme last year that she had been taken to hospital suffering from stress caused by the abuse she’s received online.

But now she has filed court papers – the beginning of a process that could see the whole affair examined in court.

That’s not likely to happen for some time, and there’s still the possibility the two women might reach some kind of agreement.

Coleen Rooney’s legal team have released the following statement:

“It is disappointing that Mrs Vardy has chosen to issue court proceedings.

“Coleen feels that the time and money involved could be put to better use; her offer to meet face to face still stands.

“Mrs Vardy’s decision to issue court proceedings does at least mean that Coleen’s evidence can be made public when the time is right.”

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