Steve Bing isn’t necessarily a name that a lot of people knew who weren’t intimately involved in the inner working of Hollywood or politics, but he was a major force behind the scenes who used his wealth to make movies as well as support political causes he believed in. Now, there’s an outpouring of support from all corners of both Hollywood and politics, as Steve Bing has died after jumping from a building.

Details are scarce beyond the fact that Steve Bing apparently jumped from a building in Century City, CA around 1 PM yesterday afternoon. Authorities have yet to officially confirm that the person who jumped was Bing, but he metes the description of the victim, and it appears his family has been notified.

Steve Bing has an 18-year-old son with actress Elizabeth Hurley and Hurley took to social media to post a tribute to Bing who she says she had recently become close with once again, following their split around 2001.


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