It’s time for payback — and help is on the way in the form of DJ Pauly D and Vinny.

In a sneak peek of the brand-new series Revenge Prank with DJ Pauly D and Vinny, premiering on Thursday, Pauly explains that he is going to help a man named Garrick get the last laugh at the expense of his wife Zoe.

“[Zoe] pranked me in the middle of the night that her water [was] broke — we were a month away from her due date,” Garrick tells Pauly D in the clip about a now-viral stunt — and the root of why he is on the MTV series. “We were supposed to have a scheduled C-section, so it was kind of a scary thing.”

Garrick actually cried in the middle of the prank and was “very emotional.” He also admitted his wife took it a “little too far.”

How does Pauly react to Zoe’s act, which generated 400,000 views online? And what do Pauly and Garrick have up their T-Shirt sleeves to get Zoe? Watch the video to find out — and do not miss the premiere of Revenge Prank on Thursday at 9/8c.


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