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Elton John (Reginald Kenneth Dwight) claims to own over 250,000 pairs of sunglasses! The singer, songwriter, and composer changed the world in the ’70s with his music and his unapologetic style. Elton John’s eccentric style and performances inspired young people to embrace what makes them unique and stand out. And one thing that is never missing from Elton John’s style are a fun pair of sunglasses! While it’s almost impossible to narrow it down, we’ve created this guide of 6 top Elton John glasses looks over the years:


Elton John Dodgers

elton john glasses

In 1975 Elton John performed two sell-out concerts in the LA Dodgers stadium. During the performance, he sported a sequent Dodgers uniform with white over-sized glasses. This look is easily recognizable today as one of the most iconic Elton John glassesand costume designs.

These George Keburia glasses are a close match to these classic Elton John big sunglasses. The full-rim and radiant blue lenses give them their Elton John sunglasses feel, while their simplicity also makes them practical.


Elton John Glasses – Single Lens

spy flynn

During a performance in 1974 in Watford, Elton John wore a pair of big white frames with bright orange lenses. While this look was definitely a product of its time, we think these Spy Flynn glasses make a great modern twist on this look. This Elton John glasses’ style is lightweight and durable.


Rocketman- Elton John Sunglasses

quay australia sunglassesThe film Rocketman (2019) narrates the life story of Elton John. The wardrobe used in the film channel the artist’s unique and fun style, including Elton John glasses. One pair of Rocketman sunglasses includes a pair of heart frames with firey red lenses. This whimsical pair of Quay Australia heart-shaped sunglasses are a close match to this favorite Elton John sunglasses look!


Elton John Lady Gaga

dolce & Gabanna blue framesElton John and Lady Gaga were photographed together at the Vanity Fair Oscar party in 2006. Elton John was rocking a more traditional pair of sunglasses, with blue frames and dark lenses. These more practical Elton John glasses are similar to these trendy Dolce & Gabbana frames.


More Favorite Elton John Glasses Trends

There are numerous Elton John glasses styles to get inspired by.

Jimmy choo sunglassesOne thing the singer never lacks is sparkle! We have a feeling that Elton John would be proud to rock these Jimmy Choo sunglasses with gemstones on the front of the frame.


armani sunglasses

Another common Elton John glasses design are sunglasses with exaggerated frame features. These Giorgio Armani sunglasses are fun and different for the most unique styles!

If you’re inspired by stars who dare to be different, check out this Lady Gaga style guide!

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