When it comes to clear frame glasses, one style really does fit all. If you’re considering buying new eyewear, clear eyeglasses frames are a great way to go. With clear eyeglasses frames, you can focus more on shape and material. You won’t have to find a colour that looks great on you and goes with your wardrobe, because clear frame glasses are 100% versatile!

Clear eyeglasses frames are modern and always trending. Make sure to check out these 8 clear frame glasses by the best designer brands.

Clear Eyeglasses Frames

Oakley OX8156 

clear frame glasses

These Oakley clear frame glasses have a classic square shape that will look great on anyone. Oakley is a favorite in sportswear, meaning these glasses have high-quality materials that are meant to last. These transparent frame glasses are a style that you can’t go wrong with.



Tom Ford FT5252

Tom Ford clear frame glasses

Tom Ford glasses are sophisticated and clean. These clear framesare no exception. The slight cat-eye softens the look of these square frames for a more feminine pair of specs. Tom Ford has proven that transparent frames can be fun and versatile at the same time.



Ray-Ban RX7140

clear frame glasses

Leave it to Ray-Ban to make any frames stand out in a crowd. With these Ray-Ban clear glasses, the value is in the details. The silver hinges and nose pieces contrast nicely with the transparent frames. With Ray-Ban, you know you’re getting the highest quality clear frame glasses every time.



Michael Kors MK4067U

michael kors

Michael Kors usually show off elaborate styles, but these clear frame glasses are simple and elegant. If you want a pair of transparent frames that will look great for both formal and casual events, then these could be the frames for you!



Polo Ralph Lauren PH2155

clear eyeglasses frames

Polo Ralph Lauren eyeglasses are delicate and classy. With these rectangular clear frames, you will be ready for any professional setting. These clear frame glasses are a perfect way to up your look without going overboard. Clear frames are the perfect way to go for subtle elegance.



Dolce & Gabbana DG5025

Dolce & Gabbana clear frames

Dolce & Gabbana’s exaggerated cat-eye clear frame glasses are all the talk. The full rims and crystal texture makes these clear frames different while still completely adaptable. If you are hesitant about clear eyeglasses frames because of their simplicity, then these Dolce & Gabbana clear frames are sure to change your mind.


Clear Frame Sunglasses

Chloe CE 114S Carlina 

Chloe clear frames

While most clear frame sunglasses are minimalist, Chloe has used them to maximize the design. The over-sized circle lenses are a staple design by Chloe designer sunglasses. These clear frame sunglasses are loud and classy at the same time, and will look great for anyone this summer!



Arise Collective Albury C1

clear sunglasses

These Arise Collective clear frame sunglasses are made with durable acetate materials. Because acetate is hypoallergenic these clear frames are great for anyone with sensitive skin. With great UV protection and practical lightweight quality, you are guaranteed to love these clear frame sunglasses.



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