Grass snake Image copyright Chris Tredwell
Image caption Chris Tredwell said he took a picture “after I got over the shock of it nearly hitting me”

A snake fell from the sky and landed near a man who was walking his dogs.

Chris Tredwell said he was shocked to see the reptile drop from a crow’s beak while he was out with his dogs in Hartsholme Country Park, in Lincoln.

He said he initially mistook it for a “yard-long” rope before seeing it fall and land “within 12 inches” of him on 8 June.

Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust said grass snakes are common and “crows will eat anything they can get hold of”.

Mr Tredwell said: “I realised from its markings that it wasn’t an adder. It was a grass snake, so it wasn’t going to hurt me.”

Image caption Wildlife enthusiast Chris Tredwell was able to identify the snake from its markings

The 75-year-old wildlife enthusiast, from Lincoln, said it was “quite rare to see one never mind having it nearly drop on you”.

“I thought it [the crow] had rope or something in its mouth.

“Anyway it took off coming towards me and it was struggling as if it was too heavy with what it was carrying. It nearly dropped it on me and then I realised it was a snake.”

“I don’t know who was most shocked – the snake or me. When it landed it was a bit stunned.”

Image copyright Chris Tredwell
Image caption One of the dogs took a curious sniff before it was “put off” by the snake’s tongue

He said one of the dogs was intrigued but then retreated at the sight of the reptile’s forked tongue.

“It’s certainly the biggest one I’ve seen and it’s the biggest one I’ve had dropped on me.

“I’m interested in nature so I was lucky enough to know it wasn’t a poisonous snake.”

Mr Tredwell said the snake recoiled into nearby bushes in the park, in Skellingthorpe Road, before walking away from the animal.

According to Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust, grass snakes are a common sight in the county’s parks, gardens and countryside.

A trust spokeswoman said the reptile is protected and is harmless as they “don’t have any venom”.

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