Image caption John has an eating problem and the muscle wasting condition Duchenne muscular dystrophy

A mother who feared her disabled son would starve unless she could find him a particular brand of chicken nuggets has thanked the public for their help.

Sharon from Cardiff said her son John has an eating problem which meant the nuggets were all he could tolerate.

The coronavirus pandemic has led shoppers to stockpile food, making some items no longer readily available.

She later thanked people on social media for their help tracking some down but warned he would need more soon.

Some Facebook users had offered to add the nuggets to their online supermarket delivery and others had offered to go to their local supermarket to try and track some down.

On Thursday, she posted a picture of a packed of the nuggets on Facebook and wrote: “If anyone can help me please, John has an eating problem and can only eat these from Asda, all he can tolerate.

“I can’t get any and John is going to starve otherwise.

“Please if anyone can help…”

On Friday she posted again, saying: “John is very happy now with thanks to all his friends and followers we have managed to source packets of chicken but will in the very near future need more.”

In 2017, John, who has the muscle wasting condition Duchenne muscular dystrophy, was given the honorary title of South Wales Police Chief Constable for his birthday after he collected thousands of emergency services helmets, badges and medals sent to him from across the world.


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