Image caption Most of the front pages focus on the new government guidance announced on Monday to curb the spread of coronavirus in the UK. People are being told to avoid the office, pubs and travel and stop “non-essential” contact, the i reports. Meanwhile, over-70s and other vulnerable people will be told to stay at home for 12 weeks from this weekend, the paper reports.
Image caption The Guardian describes the move as “unprecedented peacetime measures”, which have been taken on the back of expert modelling that suggests the approach could cut the estimated death toll from 260,000 to 20,000. In a press conference, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the disease was now “approaching the fast growth part of the upward curve”, the paper adds.
Image caption “We can do it together,” declares the Express front page in response to the measures. It comes as the UK death toll linked to the virus rose to 55, the paper reports.
Image caption The measures mark “a dramatic escalation of the government’s coronavirus response”, according to the Telegraph. However, the paper says there has been confusion among parents as the government decided against shutting schools to avoid the knock-on effects on key workers such as NHS staff with children. The UK’s actions are still short of many other nations because they are officially voluntary, the paper adds.
Image caption The Daily Mail says the UK is now facing “the biggest shutdown of normal life” since World War Two. The prime minister acknowledged the new measures were “draconian” but insisted they would save lives, the paper reports.
Image caption The Daily Mirror front page urges people to “stay safe”, reporting that the “lockdown” could last all summer. The prime minister has also warned that the measures could spark “a severe blow for the economy”, the paper says.
Image caption “Time to get anti-social”, is the headline in the Metro. Despite calling for people to avoid pubs, clubs, theatres and other social venues, the government has not ordered them to be closed, prompting anger from owners who fear they will not be able to claim on insurance, the paper reports.
Image caption The Times carries a picture of Waterloo station in London virtually empty at rush hour, along with the headline “Britain in lockdown”. The paper says “normal life has been put on hold for up to a year”, in order to save a quarter of a million lives. It also reports that Chancellor Rishi Sunak has started to work on a new bailout for businesses hit by coronavirus.
Image caption The Daily Star also focuses on calls for people to stay at home, alongside the headline “home alone” and a picture of Kevin from the Christmas film of the same name. The paper also reports that actor Idris Elba has tested positive for the virus.
Image caption The Financial Times leads on the economic impact of the virus, reporting that global stock markets tumbled on Monday after an emergency intervention by the US Federal Reserve failed to allay fears. G7 leaders have pledged to do “whatever is necessary to ensure a strong global response”, saying there would be new co-ordinated action to rescue the world economy and protect health, according to the paper.

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