By Christopher Rudolph

No queen wants to be the first one sent packin’ from Ru’s workroom, but that’s what happened to Los Angeles’s Dahlia Sin when she followed in the footsteps of other RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants like Porkchop and Vanjie Mateo.

Unlike previous season first-outs, Dahlia got some extra time on the Drag Race main stage, since the season premiere was split into two episodes with no contestant eliminations. She not only got to stomp down the runway in some fierce fashions, she also performed a Fosse dance number in front of “Konichiwa” queen, Robyn. But it was this week’s group challenge, for which she had to dress up as a stalk of broccoli, that landed her in the bottom two. After a close lip sync battle to Parisian fashionista Nicky Doll, Dahlia was on her way home.

Dahlia spoke with MTV News about her time on the show, what advice her drag mother Aja — a contestant on the show’s ninth season and the third season of All Stars — gave her, and if the thought of eating broccoli makes her gag.

When you were cast on Drag Race did you ever imagine you would end up being dressed as a giant stalk of broccoli?

Oh, hell no. I thought I would be a giant strawberry!

Do you wish you had done what Rock M. Sakura did, and tried to switch fruit roles? Or were you happy with your broccoli role?

No, I was not happy. I wish I would’ve done what Rock did, and I almost did but the girls were already so into their character. I just didn’t want to be that girl giving that moment.

What was the best piece of advice your drag mother, Aja, gave you about competing on the show?

Don’t go home first.

You mentioned your brother wants to do drag. Are you going to help him get on Drag Race?

I don’t know about Drag Race but I will help him start drag. I am excited to help him out.

Who did you see as your biggest competition on the show?

Aside from myself? I would say my biggest competition was Jaida.

You were one of the first girls to walk in the workroom. What was going through your mind when you walked in and saw an almost empty workroom?

I was like, “Damn, second one in.” Then I realized there were already girls there.

You call yourself a “petty queen” did that side of you come out when you were sent home?

It definitely did with how I exited. You saw my pettiness in the beginning when I was talking to Rock.

You said you perform Ariana Grande songs all of the time. If you had your pick, which Ariana song would you have lip synced for your life to?

“Dangerous Woman!”

Has your opinion on broccoli changed since being on the show? Can you still eat it now?

No. I still hate broccoli.


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