Image caption The ongoing spread of the coronavirus leads most of the UK front pages for the second day in a row. The Guardian says Health Secretary Matt Hancock has warned against “mass panic”, but acknowledged that the government does expect more cases in the UK. It comes as the virus continues to spread across Europe, following a growing outbreak in Italy. The newspaper also carries an image of dramatic water levels in Shropshire amid severe floods in the area.
Image caption The Daily Telegraph says employers are being told not to close offices and schools are being asked to stay open – as the government attempts to quell “over-reaction” to the spread of the coronavirus. The paper also claims that Prime Minister Boris Johnson will go back on agreements made in the political declaration – part of the Brexit deal – as he sets out his red lines on Thursday for a trade agreement with the EU.
Image caption The Daily Mail says that the NHS is braced for “virus mayhem”. The paper reports patients with suspected coronavirus will be tested in their own homes to mitigate the risk of infection. It adds that more staff are being recruited to the NHS 111 telephone helpline, which is the first point of information for those with symptoms, and that a public awareness campaign will be launched next week.
Image caption The i newspaper reports that the new coronavirus strain, which causes Covid-19, is now growing faster outside China where it originated. Every continent apart from Antarctica has now been affected, the paper says.
Image caption The Financial Times says this week’s sell-off across global stock markets has become “one of the most significant retreats since the 2008-09 financial crisis”. Investors are selling riskier assets amid fears that the impact of the coronavirus will be more widespread than first thought, according to the paper.
Image caption Meanwhile, the Metro focuses on reports that Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s school in west London is among several to have sent pupils home or closed due to concerns about the virus.
Image caption The Daily Express also splashes with the young royals. Schools began sending pupils home earlier this week after they returned from skiing trips in northern Italy over half-term. Italy has in recent days become Europe’s worst-affected country.
Image caption The Times has further details of a new public information campaign over the virus. Everyone in Britain will be told that they have a duty to wash their hands and use tissues when they sneeze, according to the paper. The paper leads with a report that universities could withhold offers until after A-level results are released, as part of reforms to the admissions system.
Image caption The Daily Mirror prints an image of the prime minister at a fundraising ball for Conservative Party supporters. It calls Boris Johnson the “silent leader” and says he found time “to lord it” at the ball while the UK faces flooding and the spread of coronavirus. A Tory Party spokesperson told the paper “fundraising is a legitimate part of the democratic process”.
Image caption And finally, “Lizard People Live Among Us”, the Daily Star declares, alongside a picture of reality TV star Gemma Collins with a lizard’s tail. Ms Collins said “lizard people” roam the Earth, according to the paper.

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