Oprah can’t get enough podcasts. The famous talk show host and inspirational speaker announced yesterday that she’ll be turning her old TV show episodes, dating back to the ‘80s, into podcast episodes. Called The Oprah Winfrey Show: The Podcast, the show won’t run every episode from the series; instead, it will feature certain selections. People reports that the first 10 episodes include now-famous guests like Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, and Suze Orman. Although the show has released a trailer, it doesn’t include a release date. The show will be available across platforms and isn’t an exclusive release.

Oprah’s other podcast, SuperSoul Conversations, debuted in 2017 and follows a similar idea: turning audio from her TV show SuperSoul Sunday into a podcast. It’s obvious this is the model when listening to the show: the audio doesn’t sound like it was recorded in a soundproof studio, and listeners can hear the audience clapping and ooh-ing in response to topics. As someone who’s listened to the show a few times, I could tell it was ripped audio rather than an organic podcast.

Johnny Carson’s entertainment company did the same with The Johnny Carson Show and released episodes with notable clips from interviews with famous guests. The show debuted in December last year. It makes sense that well-known TV show hosts would try to monetize their old IP. In Carson’s case, comedian Wil Shriner introduces the episode and provides context for what the listener will hear. It isn’t clear whether Winfrey’s show will do the same. But milking old, forgotten interviews for content is an easy way to keep a host in the podcast space. And since talk shows are, mostly, just talking, the listener doesn’t lose much without the visuals.


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