It started with snapping fingers and cackling voices in the background — you know, signs of people having fun. But once that all cut out, Selena Gomez gripped the microphone at Village Studios in Los Angeles and whisked herself away to an acoustic wonderland with a performance of “Rare.” Soft, simple, and stirring, her indignant middle finger to neglect whispers into your ear as you listen to it and chills you when her eyes meet yours.

The only people that matter in this new world are Gomez, her feathery backup singer, and the lone guitarist who sweetens the deafening surrounding silence. Gomez keeps her eyes closed and presses on gently, drilling into your mind with her cavity-inducing voice.

This new rendition of “Rare” is sweet in some places, fierce in others, sharp in its vocal run on the chorus before dissolving into mist in its verses. On the few occasions that she glances at the camera, it’s like she’s Moonwalking on a fresh carpet and poking you on your elbow while she’s statically potent.

“Rare” is the title track for Gomez’s third studio album that dropped in January. Earlier this month, she released the fan-favorite track “Feel Me” after fans clamored for it for more than four years.

Check out Gomez’s breathtaking new acoustic cover of “Rare” up above.


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