A motorist driving a Mercedes-Benz slammed into a crowd at a Carnival parade in the German town of Volkmarsen, injuring dozens of people including numerous children, police said.

Eyewitnesses told investigators the motorist appeared to deliberately drive into the crowd, a police spokesman told NBC News.

The suspect, a 29-year-old German citizen from Volkmarsen, was among the 20 to 30 people being treated for injuries sustained in the crash, local officials said in a statement.

The most severely injured were transported to area hospitals while others were being treated at a makeshift hospital the rescue workers rigged-up in the town’s pharmacy, a police spokesman said.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press reported that forensic experts were poring over a silver Mercedes station wagon with local license plates that had come to a halt on a sidewalk. The front windshield was smashed, the hood was dented, and its hazard lights were blinking.

Around the car, fragments of Carnival costumes and floats littered the ground.

No motive has been determined, but the incident came less than a week after a man fatally shot 11 people, including himself, in the city of Hanau. It was one of the worst racist attacks in Germany since World War Two.

Police cancelled other Carnival celebrations in the state of Hesse as a precaution.

Volkmarsen, which has a population of about 7,000, is located around 150 miles north of both Frankfurt and Hanau.

Angerer reported from Munich, Germany, Elbaum from London, and Siemaszko from New York City.


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