Image caption An image of Tyson Fury towering over Deontay Wilder on his way to taking the WBC heavyweight boxing world title takes up a sizeable chunk of the Metro’s front page. The news lead tells of a woman who was punched in the head by a man after she stood up to his racial abuse of her Chinese friend over the coronavirus outbreak.
Image caption Fury-mania continues on the front page of the Sun. Under the headline “Viva Lash Vegas,” the tabloid tells of an “army” of 20,000 British boxing fans who drank Las Vegas dry after Fury’s impressive triumph over Wilder. It says beer “ran out” at post-fight parties on the Las Vegas strip.
Image caption “Not bad for an old fat guy,” is the headline selling Fury’s story in the Guardian. But there are no jokes in its coverage of the coronavirus – as experts warn “time is running out” to contain the spread. The paper says people in 11 quarantined Italian towns face fines if they are caught entering or leaving.
Image caption Coronavirus takes the lead in the Financial Times, too. The broadsheet also focuses on the Italian towns in strict quarantine – or “lock down”, as the paper puts it – after cases of the virus in Italy soared from three to 152 over the weekend.
Image caption Experts have warned of an “impending pandemic” after “an explosion” of coronavirus cases in Iran and South Korea as well as the new cases in Italy and the UK, the Daily Telegraph reports. A senior medical academic tells the paper it is “honest” to accept “all the important ingredients for a pandemic are now present”.
Image caption The four UK nationals who have tested positive for coronavirus are the focus of the i’s front page. It says there was “fury” following the diagnoses. Each of the new cases were passengers on the virus-stricken Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan – and were flown back to the UK with dozens of other Britons.
Image caption In other health news, a record two million people are “on the verge” of developing type-2 diabetes, according to the Daily Express. It says the chief executive of the NHS warns obesity-related illnesses will cost thousands of lives and billions of pounds unless people change their lifestyles.
Image caption Nurses will be trained to do some surgical procedures as part of an NHS drive to reduce waiting times, the Daily Mail reports. It brands the move as “radical” and quotes critics as saying the plan is a “sticking-plaster solution” to the “staffing crisis”.
Image caption Meanwhile the home secretary has demanded an inquiry into leaks after claims emerged that MI5 bosses do not trust her, the Times reports. Priti Patel is “absolutely livid” with the leaks, a source tells the paper – and is “determined” to find out how they happened.
Image caption The Daily Mirror leads on the “grim life” of chickens in the US – before they are killed, washed with chlorine, and sold on the meat market. It warns that government ministers have “not ruled out” such meat being sold in the UK as part of post-Brexit trade.
Image caption And a quarrel between a Coronation Street actor and his ex-wife’s new partner makes the front page of the Daily Star. Alan Halsall slammed Lucy-Jo Hudson’s new partner for referring to the divorced couple’s daughter as “our Sienna” in an Instagram post.

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