• Real humans mixed with fake animals just dosent work

• The Jungle Book worked
Game of Thrones worked
Lord of the Rings worked
Jurassic Park worked
The Revenant worked
How many more examples do you need?

• They couldn’t have used a real dog for closeups? This image looks fake. The dog’s eyes are too perfect. Compare to Harrison Ford’s eyes. Good to use CGI for other scenes, but completely CGI? Doesn’t work.

• I read years ago Clark Gable, star of original 1935 Call of the Wild, felt sorry for Buck, film’s real dog. Buck was forced to drag heavy loads, take after take, till exhaustion. CGI ends this needless abuse. Who cares if it’s not perfectly authentic?

• Looks so fake. Not stunning. The Humane Society makes sure animals are treated with respect and compassion on all movie sets.

• Sorry, but cgi animals usually end up looking garbage. Even in high production films.

• Why not just make the movie animated? Oh cause I guess if you have Han Solo you gotta show him off.

• If that’s the reason behind the film’s producers using CGI dogs – that’s amazing to hear!

• Kind of odd not having a real dog…


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