Colin Kaepernick said he is often asked what spurred him to begin kneeling during the national anthem at NFL games while he was a quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers.

He told USA Today Sports in an exclusive interview published Thursday that he will address that question in a memoir he is writing for planned release this year.

Kaepernick, 32, has been unsigned since he became a free agent after the 2016 season, when he protested against police brutality and other social injustice by taking a knee during the anthem.

“I’ve had a lot of questions surrounding what got me to the point of protesting, ‘Why did I do it? Why did I do it at that moment? Why wasn’t it earlier in my career?'” he said. “A lot of questions surrounding what led me to that point. Which led me to wanting to share that story and give insight.”

Sharing his story and those of other people of color is important in the battle against injustice, he said.

“I learned early on that in fighting against systematic oppression, dehumanization and colonization, who controls the narrative shapes the reality of how the world views society,” he said. “It controls who’s loved, who’s hated, who’s degraded and who’s celebrated.”

To that end, he said his company will also aim to create opportunities for other black and brown writers.

Even with this new venture in writing and publishing, Kaepernick said he would still like to return to the NFL, if given the opportunity.

“My desire to play football is still there. I still train five days a week. I’m ready to go, I’m ready for a phone call, tryout, workout at any point in time,” he said. “I’m still waiting on the owners and their partners to stop running from this situation.”


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