Badger Image copyright Superdrug
Image caption Staff at Superdrug in Northampton spotting the badger before it hid behind the perfume counter

A badger that fell through the ceiling of a Superdrug store had been sheltering from Storm Ciara in a ventilation shaft.

The animal shocked staff at the outlet in Northampton’s Grosvenor Centre when it came through a ceiling panel, before running under the perfume counter.

The Northamptonshire Badger Group was called to rescue the female badger, and subsequently set it free.

A spokeswoman for Superdrug said the animal took refuge amid stormy weather.

The store was shut on Sunday due to a “visiting badger” which “snuck in through a ventilation shaft to take shelter from Storm Ciara,” she said.

Storm Ciara swept across the UK from Sunday, bringing strong winds and rain.

Sally Jones, from the Northamptonshire Badger Group, described the Superdrug rescue as “the oddest” it has ever carried out.

She said staff saw the badger “fall through the ceiling”, hit the floor, and then trundle off “a bit dazed”.

Ms Jones said by the time the group arrived “there were perfume bottles strewn over the floor”.

They were able to capture the animal and took it away to “assess her”.

Ms Jones said: “She was very calm. No sign of any injuries or anything, and we took [the badger] to a safe place that we know she can be released.”

The badger was set free later the same day.

Image copyright Northamptonshire Badger Group
Image caption The Northamptonshire Badger Group rescued and released the badger

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