The Papers: Failing police ‘rumbled’ and coronavirus fears rise

Image caption Police have been “rumbled” by the public for their failure to investigate everyday crimes such as car theft and burglary, the Times report. The paper says a watchdog’s report has found the inability of forces in England and Wales to pursue some of the most common offences has eroded the relationship between police and the people they serve.
Image caption The Daily Telegraph quotes Matt Parr, HM Inspector of Constabulary, as saying the the public has realised police have “extremely limited” capacity to deal with everyday crimes. He says the low level of “volume crimes” that are resolved is “corrosive” for public trust in the police.
Image caption The third person in Britain to test positive for coronavirus makes the lead for several of the papers. The Guardian reports the man had travelled to the UK from Singapore, prompting a significant widening of the government’s response to the epidemic. Officials have put doctors on alert for the possibility of cases in people returning from countries not previously considered to present a risk, the paper adds.
Image caption Travellers from China and eight other countries, including Japan and Malaysia, are being urged to immediately self-isolate if they develop a cough or a fever, the i reports. It quotes a medical chief as saying “we knew this ratchet-up might happen”.
Image caption The Metro reports that the man in the new UK coronavirus case is believed to have walked into a busy A&E at the Royal Sussex hospital in Brighton on Sunday after experiencing flu-like symptoms.
Image caption The teenager who threw a six-year-old boy off the top of the Tate Modern had revealed his plans months earlier, the Daily Mail reports. Yet Jonty Bravery, who was in council care, was still able to visit the gallery alone, the paper says.
Image caption Prince Andrew has agreed to turn down a senior navy role, the Daily Express reports. The paper says the prince, who stepped down from public duties amid questions over his friendship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, has declined promotion to the rank of Admiral “for the sake of the Queen”.
Image caption Donald Trump vented “apoplectic” fury at Boris Johnson in a phone call over the UK’s decision to allow Huawei a role in its 5G mobile phone networks, according to the Financial Times. British officials are said by the paper to have been taken aback by the president’s language towards the PM.
Image caption The Daily Star reports that comedian Michael Barrymore has insisted he has been bullied over the death of Stuart Lubbock in his swimming pool in March 2001.
Image caption The Sun features an image of Loose Women stars Linda Robson and Brenda Edwards with a male stripper. “Lewd women” is the paper’s headline.

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