The End by Heather Phillipson Image copyright The Fourth Plinth Commission
Image caption THE END will go on display on 26 March

A giant swirl of replica whipped cream topped with a cherry, a fly and a drone is set to appear in central London for the next year two years.

Heather Phillipson’s sculpture, titled THE END, will be unveiled on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square on 26 March.

Its drone will transmit a live feed of the square which can be watched on a dedicated website.

The London artist’s work was previously revealed as the next work to be placed on the Fourth Plinth in 2017.

Image copyright AFP
Image caption The Invisible Enemy Should Not Exist is a recreation of a sculpture destroyed by the Islamic State (IS) group

The organisers behind the scheme have described THE END as representing “exuberance and unease” and “a monument to hubris and impending collapse”.

Phillipson’s sculpture will replace Michael Rakowitz’s The Invisible Enemy Should Not Exist, which has been on the Fourth Plinth since 2018.


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