Audio company Sonos has sued Google for allegedly copying its patented speaker technology while undercutting it at market. The New York Times reports that it filed two lawsuits covering five patents on its wireless speaker design. In addition to financial damages, it’s asking for a sales ban on Google’s laptops, phones, and speakers in the US.

Sonos claims that Google stole its multiroom speaker technology after getting access to it through a 2013 partnership. The original partnership would let Sonos speakers support Google Play Music, but the company allegedly used patented designs in its now-discontinued Chromecast Audio device, then continued to use it in the Google Home lineup of smart speakers and the Pixel product lineup. Meanwhile, Sonos says Google subsidized its own products to sell them at a cheaper price while using them to extract more data from buyers.

Sonos claims that Amazon has also violated its patents with the Echo device family, but the Times writes that its executives decided against “battling two tech giants in court at once.” Amazon and Google both denied infringement claims to the Times.



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