Vanna White joined forces with a different Sajak on Monday night’s episode of “Wheel of Fortune.”

Maggie Sajak, the daughter of the longtime host of “Wheel of Fortune, Pat Sajak, appeared on the episode as a letter-turner, while White hosted the show.

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Her father, who is still recovering from a surgery to correct a blocked intestine, teased the news in a YouTube video Monday.

“We have a special letter-toucher, so pay attention,” Pat Sajak, 73, said.

Maggie Sajak, 25, made her debut on “Wheel of Fortune” in 1995 when she was a year old. The show’s producers showed a clip of her first appearance on the show during Monday’s episode.

“I’m walking a little better now, and hopefully I’m a little more eloquent than last time,” the country singer said.

Pat Sajak returned to “Wheel of Fortune” for last week’s episode, but said he could not be there this week due to a “taping technicality.”

On the show, Maggie noted that her father was “doing well.”

“It was a scary experience,” Maggie said. “But he’s doing great and I know he’s so excited to be back next week.”


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