Joker has been out for a number of months, but the conversation around Todd Phillips‘ dark psychological drama hasn’t slowed down. The movie gave an origin story to the title character, and showed how Joaquin Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck descended into madness after being beaten down by 1981 Gotham City. Joker‘s contents have been discussed and dissected thanks to its unreliable narrator, as Phillips and company reveal more information about its contents. One of the questions surrounding Joker was the fate of Zazie Beetz’ character Sophie, although the actress revealed that she knew exactly what happened to Arthur’s neighbor.

Throughout the first two acts of Joker, we watch as Arthur and Sophie begin dating. But it turns out that those scenes were delusions in the protagonist’s mind, a symptom of his lack of aid and medication. It’s originally unclear if he killed Sophie and her daughter, as he learns the truth and is seen in the hallway afterward. But Zazie Beetz always knew what happened to her character, and recently revealed her feelings about the ending. As she recently put it,

Sophie might not have actually been Arthur’s girlfriend in Joker, but she was still kind. She was nice enough to acknowledge him in the elevator. And that was unfortunately more love than he had in his life at that point.

Joker did the seemingly impossible, providing a genuine origin story for The Joker. Part of what made Heath Ledger’s version so terrifying in The Dark Knight was that he was a pure agent of chaos, without motive or backstory. But Todd Phillips did the opposite. Arthur Fleck’s villainous actions were to all of those who wronged him. He just happened to start a city wide riot in the process.

Later in her conversation with THR, Zazie Beetz went on to explain why Sophie is likely safe. What’s more, she acknowledged the debate about her fate, saying:

Once again, Sophie was shown displaying empathy toward Arthur Fleck. Even if she was terrified in the moment, that type of kindness is what would likely stop Joaquin Phoenix’s character from harming her. After all, he spares Gary later in the movie for being kind to him.

Joker is currently available on digital, DVD, and Blu-ray now. Be sure to check out our 2020 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.


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