Incipio announced a line of compostable plant-based phone cases today, joining a growing trend in eco-friendly cases.

Compostable phone cases are nothing new. Several smaller brands have made cases out of skateboards, wood, flax straw, bamboo, cork, and recycled plastic fishing nets. Even major phone case brand Zagg sells cases made from recycled water bottles. But with Incipio joining Zagg, it looks like the eco-friendly trend is going even more mainstream.

Incipio’s new cases are made from a plant-based material called Organicore, which is expected to break down in as little as six months in an industrial compost setting. Those compost locations can be hard to find, though, and compostable plastic alternatives can only break down if they are deposited in an appropriate facility. The case’s packaging is also completely recyclable and uses water-based ink that’s also said to be environmentally friendly.

The cases are available for purchase now for $39.99 and are made for the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. They’re available in black, deep pine, green, stone gray, and oatmeal beige. The cases are supposed to be able to withstand a six-foot drop and support wireless charging.

Incipio plans on making similar compostable cases for other smartphones, tablets, and AirPods later this year.


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