CES 2020: what we’re covering and what’s up next


The Verge is in Las Vegas checking out the gadgets and announcements from this year’s Consumer Electronics Show

Samsung’s artificial human, Segway’s egg-shaped self-balancing wheelchair and Kohler’s Alexa-enabled showerhead are among the first glimpses of what we’ll see at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas — and you can find them all and more in our StoryStream below.

CES, held from January 7th to January 10th this year, is the traditional launchpad for tech companies to show off their best (and sometimes most bizarre) new gadgets and devices. We expect to see 4K and 8K TVs, self-driving advances, and a possible smart fridge showdown, with Samsung and LG leading the charge.

Our predictions for CES 2020 also included announcements of big content deals, with Quibi giving a keynote address; stronger, faster, and possibly fully foldable PCs; and lightbulbs, switches, and plugs for smart homes. Check out our look back at CES 2019 if you’re feeling nostalgic for the drones and phones of the previous year.

Here’s what the staff at The Verge has seen so far and what we know to expect at CES 2020.


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