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The Star Wars franchise is a beloved part of film history, with entire generations of moviegoers invested in the galaxy far, far away. George Lucas’ colorful franchise is endlessly entertaining, but there are some aspects of the franchise that have always puzzled moviegoers. Chief among them is the kiss that Luke and Leia shared in Empire Strikes Back, prior to learning they were actually siblings. And now Mark Hamill has addressed that infamous kiss in a hilarious way.

Luke and Leia’s meeting of lips is an odd blemish for the Star Wars franchise, and indicates that George Lucas didn’t have his master plan for Return of the Jedi when filming Empire. NBC’s Saturday Night Live recently poked fun at this moment during Weekend Update, referring to their incestuous kiss. And Mark Hamill has taken to social media to deliver a hilarious response. Check it out below.

Looks like Star Wars fans have a new word to adopt into their vocabulary: innocestous. Meaning that since Luke and Leia didn’t know they were related throughout the first two Star Wars movies, it makes their Empire Strikes Back kiss more of an unfortunate anecdote. The two never had a romantic connection, she was just trying to win an argument with Han Solo on Hoth.

Mark Hamill’s post about Star Warssibling smooch comes from his personal Twitter. Hamill is very generous with his time on the social media platform, regularly using Twitter to directly communicate with the fans. And when Saturday Night Live made a joke about their twincest during Eddie Murphy’s recent episode, Luke Skywalker himself took the time to finally clear the air.

While Star Wars: Return of the Jedi revealed that Luke and Leia were actually Darth Vader’s twins, they spent the majority of the trilogy as flirtatious allies. Luke is immediately taken by how beautiful Leia is during A New Hope, and the two get their first and only kiss during Empire Strikes Back. Carrie Fisher’s character claims she’s “always known” after learning truth in Return of the Jedi, but that hasn’t stopped their kiss from being the butt of jokes in the decades since.

What’s more, The Empire Strikes Back nearly had a different kissing together altogether, which was far more romantic in nature. You can check out both versions below.

Wowza. They definitely don’t look like siblings in these scenes. Although its a good thing that the extended scene didn’t make into the theatrical cut. George Lucas would have really written himself into a corner with that one.

Luke and Leia didn’t share much screen time throughout Star Wars‘ current trilogy, with the exception being their emotional reunion on Crait in The Last Jedi. But that Force Projection really hammered in the two characters’ sibling relationship. The performances are all the more powerful thanks to the close bond Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher shared in real life.

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