Billie Eilish is groundbreaking for a lot of reasons. Not only are her fans obsessed with her music, but they can’t get enough of her style either. Her oversized sweats, bucket hats, and metallic necklaces really speak to an entire generation. And if you’ve been wondering how to incorporate some of Eilish’s signature style into your own wardrobe, run, don’t walk to your nearest H&M.

Today (January 2), the global retail company came through with a full collection of clothing that pays homage to the 18-year-old pop sensation. The line includes just about all the loungewear you could dream of, from boxy t-shirts and hoodies to beanies and joggers. Plus, all of the items come in the “Bad Guy” singer’s favorite colors, which include cream, black, and of course, lime green.

In addition to dropping a collection that’s both comfortable and fashionable, H&M says the merchandise has been “made from materials sourced in a more sustainable way.” Eilish herself has made several concerted efforts to be more environmentally conscious, from spreading a message about climate change on Saturday Night Live back in September to working with experts to figure out ways to make her tours as eco-friendly as possible.

“Billie Eilish is obviously an inspiring artist, but also someone a lot of people around the world admire for her personal style and empowering way of expressing her values,” Emily Bjorkheim, H&M’s Head of Design Divided, said in a statement. And by releasing items that are both fashion-forward and environmentally friendly, the retailer hopes to inspire Eilish’s fans even more. “We want to enable her fans to step into her world and feel empowered to freely express their style,” Bjorkheim added.

Eilish isn’t the only musician H&M has collaborated with on a clothing collection. Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes, The Weeknd, G-Eazy, and several others have joined forces with the brand to bring their fans exclusive merch. But a Billie Eilish collab featuring comfy sweats and neutral colors? You simply can’t go wrong.


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